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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a great way to get out on the water for a leisurely activity and an excellent introduction to the world of water sports. Paddleboarding is a relatively uncomplicated sport that people of all ages can enjoy. The only equipment you need is a stand-up paddle and a stand-up paddleboard! 

At Wind Spirit, we carry a wide range of SUP paddleboards suitable for all skill levels. From beginner boards that are stable and easy to balance, to intermediate and advanced boards that are perfect for a more challenging and rewarding workout. 

When it comes to boards, Wind Spirit offers two types:

Rigid Boards

Rigid boards offer better performance in calm waters but are much less versatile when there is some chop. Their solid construction provides better performance, and a more enjoyable and stable paddling experience, but also makes them less convenient to transport and store. However, if you need to step up in terms of speed compared to an inflatable board, a rigid board is the one for you!


Inflatable Boards

Inflatable boards are the most versatile option. They can be effective in all types of water, including calm waters, rivers, and even waves. Their biggest advantage is their portability. Being able to inflate and deflate the board makes it very convenient to transport and allows you to take it just about anywhere! At Wind Spirit, we offer a wide variety of inflatable boards, including windsurf boards.


Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in Canada 

Canada is known for its beautiful lakes and rivers. Stand-up paddleboarding is a great way to get outside and enjoy all the natural beauty Canada has to offer. At Wind Spirit, we carry the best selection of stand-up paddleboards, crafted by industry-leading brands. All of our boards are designed with the purpose of getting you out on the water for years to come. 

Explore our selection of paddle boards online today at Wind Spirit or visit us in-store.